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Learn about who we are, what we stand for, and how you can help us make a difference, one cup of coffee at a time.

The NVLTY Story

We believe in Sustainability. Fair Trade. Lifelong Learning. Creating Experiences.

nov·el·ty/ˈnävəltē/ noun 1. the quality of being new, original, unusual, or unconventional.

As humans, we live in a time of immediate gratification, always looking for the "next best thing", rarely realizing that the novelty of the new and exciting is in the experience itself.

NVLTY Coffee is passionate about fostering an environment where premium coffee meets high quality, natural ingredients, creating an exceptional coffee experience that nourishes both body and soul.

Founded by coffee enthusiasts from the world of higher education, and after experiencing health concerns of our own, we embarked on a journey to better understand the world of coffee and to create a product that prioritizes quality and improves ones well-being. We partnered with knowledgeable coffee roasters, experts, and enthusiasts to meticulously source the finest organic beans from sustainable farms around the world.

We invite you to join us on this journey of health and wellness, creating amazing experiences, and effecting positive change in our world.        

                                                                                                     James and Criscelle

Who Are NVLTY Coffee

The Beginning

We are James and Criscelle and we founded NVLTY Coffee Co from a shared passion for exceptional coffee and a desire to make a positive impact in the world. Our journey began as we decided to leave our high-stress careers in higher education. Both former university administrators, we faced burnout, poor health, physical and mental fatigue, and a longing to rediscover and reconnect with ourselves and one another. Criscelle, also a healthcare professional and educator, understood the importance of health and nutrition but believed wellness should never compromise exceptional flavors.

The Vision

With a clear vision, we set out to establish NVLTY Coffee Co as a brand that stands for more than just great coffee. Our aim is to source the highest quality coffee beans from sustainable farms around the world, ensure fair wages for farmers, and roast every bean in small batches to perfection. Our mission: to create truly exceptional coffee experiences that delight the senses and makes a meaningful impact with every cup.

The Wellness Infusion Collection

Inspired by the benefits of natural ingredients like Lion's Mane mushrooms for brain health and focus, they created the Wellness Infusion Collection. This line of specialty coffees combines delicious, high-quality coffee with health-boosting natural supplements like chaga, hemp protein, birch chaga, and manuka honey. It’s the perfect blend of flavor and wellness.

Our Commitment

At NVLTY Coffee Co, we believe in the power of community, sustainability, and wellness. Our passion for coffee, love for the planet, and desire to create meaningful connections drive us. Join us on this journey and discover the difference that intentional, ethically sourced, and expertly roasted coffee can make. Together, we can savor each moment, support sustainable practices, and promote a healthier, more vibrant world.


The NVLTY Difference

Pouring Positivity: Our Impact Initiatives

Discover the heart and soul behind every cup.

In our Impact Initiatives section, we proudly showcase the meaningful journeys we embark on to create positive change in the world.

From supporting sustainable farming practices to empowering local communities, each sip of our specialty coffee and every infusion of our artisan teas contributes to a greater purpose.

Join us in making a difference, one delicious bag of coffee at a time.


Fighting Hunger

Hunger is a complex problem, but great impact is made through collective efforts.

From every purchase of NVLTY Coffee Co products, 10% will be donated directly to Feeding America to keep dollars right here at home and help eradicate hunger across the nation.


Trees For Education

Education is the cornerstone of empowerment, yet many children around the world lack access to quality schooling and educational opportunities.

In partnership with Trees for Education, we are creating pathways for education. Every bag of coffee sold, we purchase a tree seedling that will be gifted to a child to provide valuable funding for educational opportunities.

Together, we can plant the seeds of knowledge and cultivate a brighter future for generations to come.

Jay S.

I love NVLTY COFFEE CO! I buy all fresh beans and grind them daily.