From Burnout to Bliss: My Journey to Wellness and Rediscovery

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From Burnout to Bliss: My Journey to Wellness and Rediscovery

I was running a marathon on a treadmill.

As a former university administrator, I was sprinting at full speed on a rinky-dinky tread that turned round and round, but really got me nowhere very fast at all. I was "all in" at my job, pouring every ounce of energy into the responsibilities and demands of the organization. I was always "on" and accessible to students, staff, faculty, and other leaders. This relentless dedication led to a fair and measurable level of professional success, but it came at a significant cost.

Family and Friends: My time and energy for others dwindled. The relationships that mattered most to me were put on the backburner as I navigated the constant demands of my role.

Heightened Stress and Fatigue: The perpetual cycle of stress became my new normal. The weight of expectations and the pressure to perform left me feeling drained and depleted.

Poor Health: My health took a backseat. The long hours and constant stress led to poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity. I gained weight and felt sluggish and unhealthy.

Loss of Sleep and Focus: Sleepless nights became routine. The inability to switch off from work left me tossing and turning, affecting my focus and productivity during the day.

No Time for Self-Love: In the midst of it all, I lost touch with myself. There was no time for self-care, no moments of reflection, and no space to nurture my own well-being.

The Turning Point: While still in the thick of higher education, I stumbled upon Lion's Mane mushrooms for brain health and improved focus. I was amazed by the results! It was like my brain got a much-needed tune-up. This discovery planted a seed of curiosity about other natural ingredients and their potential benefits.

Realizing the toll this lifestyle was taking on me, I made the difficult decision to leave the corporate space. I chose to reconnect with myself and my family, improve my health and nutrition, and reset my mind. I started to lose weight, spend quality time at home, and reconnect with my loved ones. I was also found that I had more time to truly enjoy my morning cup of coffee, taking in the sunrise and appreciating the beauty and sense of renewal it brought.

This journey of rediscovery ultimately led to the founding of our passion project, NVLTY Coffee Co, and most recently, a brand new Wellness Infusion Collection. This entrepreneurial endeavor has allowed me to blend two of my favorite things: delicious high-quality specialty coffee and natural supplements that improve health and vitality.

Our new collection is designed to enhance focus and allow me to channel my energy in a positive way into a business that I am truly passionate about.

At NVLTY Coffee Co, we believe in the power of wellness and the importance of balance. Our Wellness Infusion Collection is a testament to this belief, offering you a way to incorporate health-boosting ingredients into your daily routine with every sip of our specialty coffee.

Are you ready to transform your health and rediscover your passion? Visit our website and discover the amazing results for yourself.

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